updating avp lists with unlang and operators

Stephan Jaeger stephan.jaeger at ewetel.de
Wed Aug 1 16:10:48 CEST 2007


if i overwrite an avp in the preacct section like

update request {
	User-Name := "foobar"

and i have a "detail" instance in the acct section, the line that is
written to the detail log is 

"User-Name := foobar" 

instead of

"User-Name = foobar"

I guess the problem lies in my_pairmove() in evaluate.c (line 774). The
avp is copied from the src avp list to the dst avp list and the operator
is not touched. Maybe the operator in the dst list should default to "="
if the list is "reply" or "request"?

Another solution might be to alter rlm_detail to always use the "="
operator when printing out avp's.

What do you think?

Stephan Jaeger
Stephan Jaeger <stephan.jaeger at ewetel.de>

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