Question about freeradius+mssql's empty radacct table

fzhuxl a55567 at
Sat Aug 18 04:54:56 CEST 2007

Dear all,			
    I have setup my AAA(freeradius+mssql).Fortunately,everything goes ok(I can dialup now),except the table named "radacct" in my radius datatabse(sqlserver 2k) is empty.
What I have done:
        freeradius<->unixODBC+freeTDS<->SQL SERVER 2K
    2.configure the radiusd.conf
       $INCLUDE ${confdir}/mssql.conf 

        authorize { 
      accouting { 
    3. configure the mssql.conf 

         driver = "rlm_sql_unixodbc" 

         # Connect info 
            server = "blackboardDSN" 
            login = "tester" 
            password = "letmein" 

         # Database table configuration 
            radius_db = "radius" 

         # Print all SQL statements when in debug mode (-x) 
            sqltrace = no 
            sqltracefile = ${logdir}/sqltrace.sql 
    4. sql server2k database "radius" tables created: 
       create user: "radius" 
       grant  "db_datareader","db_datawriter","public" to the new user--"radius".

  finally test:
    the dialing authentication is ok,but the dial-up log is not recorded in radacct table.It is totally empty!

  How can I get the dial-up log in radacct? I am appreciating help from you. 

Thanks and Regards

        a55567 at
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