EAP-SIM authorize

Bohák András andras at bohak.hu
Wed Aug 29 10:58:56 CEST 2007


I am working on a modified rlm_sim_files which uses an SQLite database 
instead of the text file. It works, but within one run of the EAP-SIM 
protocol, the module runs 3 times (once for every incoming EAP message) and 
searches the database/file 3 times. This consumes valuable time and if I 
delete the triplet in the first run (I want to use a triplet only once), it 
won't even succeed to authenticate.

Is there a way to solve this, I mean to tell the sim_files authorize module 
that it already provided the necessary auth info, and should just say OK 
without any search? Is the eap_sim module capable of rememering the 
RAND-SRES-Kc values?

Thanks for the answer in advance,


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