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Thu Dec 13 14:19:51 CET 2007


I tried the most recent cvs head, but had an issue with eap-ttls/pap  
(it would get into an infinite loop with my testing client - the  
jradius simulator). I have noticed a bit of work being done in this  
area... so, I thought I would help test. Anyways, here is what got to  
work again for me again. In eaptls_process(), I commented out an  
extra check for EAPTLS_OK when SSL_is_init_finished since I was  
seeing status == EAPTLS_LENGTH_INCLUDED.

In tls.c, when SSL_read() returns > 0, I put a return in there since  
we have application data. I changed the content_type check to a  
BIO_ctrl_pending() check. And, finally, I added a line to ttls.c  
since I was segfaulting from a NULL request->client in a log message.  
Then it worked.


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