Reading conf from module_init

Leandro Pereira de Lima e Silva leandro at
Mon Dec 24 03:47:41 CET 2007

Hi everybody!

I'm coding a new module for freeradius and would like to read the
configuration from module_init instead of from module_instantiate.

So, I start with this prototypes:

static int example_init(void);
static int example_instantiate(CONF_SECTION *conf, void **instance);

I saw inside example_instatiate that the CONF_SECTION pointer is passed to
cf_section_parse and here are my two questions:

1. What's that *conf that _instantiate receives?
2. How can I read the configuration in _init?

There is anybody here that can help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Leandro Pereira de Lima e Silva
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