RFC 3748 compliancy

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 10:41:27 CET 2007

> > I need those answers to see if FreeRADIUS would be
> > able to act as a EAP RADIUS server compliant with
> > WiMAX NWG stage 3.
>   I'm not sure what that means.  Can you clarify?
For WiMAX needs, during EAP authentication, EAP server
must derive MSK and EMSK.
MSK is provided to the NAS, and EMSK is used to derive
other keys, used for mobile IP purposes and provided
to NAS and/or FA and/or HA.

Therefore, EMSK will have a goal and will need to be
provided to some equipements. Furthermore, MIP keys
are need to be provided at different times, so an
interface with a key-holder may be set-up (I saw it in
a RFC but I can't recal which one).

Nevertheless, things are not yet standardized as
shipping attributes (VSA) don't currently exist.

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