radius module won't compile.

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Sat Feb 17 21:22:31 CET 2007

G P wrote:
> It was not in a .tar, but I did get pam_radius_auth.c
> <http://www.freeradius.org/pam_radius_auth/pam_radius_auth.c>  and
> pam_radius_auth.h
> <http://www.freeradius.org/pam_radius_auth/pam_radius_auth.h> from
> freeradius.org

  Why?  The page containing those files also links to the FTP server
where there's a TAR file.

> <http://www.freeradius.org/pam_radius_auth/pam_radius_auth.c>  but it is
> not declared in any header files I can find. so I cannot build the pam
> module pam_radius_auth.so.1

  Maybe my previous message was unclear: You have made a mistake.  You
downloaded the wrong files.  Don't download the C or H files.  Download
the tar file.

  Alan DeKok.
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