freeradius documentation

Frank Cusack fcusack at
Wed Feb 21 13:16:14 CET 2007

On February 21, 2007 12:47:43 PM +0100 anis jaballah <aj1m at> wrote:
> I'm computer science student and I'm working in the my
> graduated project.
> This project is abouthow about developing a programm
> that controle access to internet by wifi connexion and
> that by giving login and password and time of
> connexion to users and then if time end i will
> disconnect them so i choosed freeradius.
> so i want to know if i can develop my project with
> freeradius and if it is possible can u tell me the
> documentation of configuration and function
> description?

Well, freeradius can already do all of this (pretty easily), so using
freeradius won't make for a good project if you need to *develop* a
program for this, as you stated.

If you just need to make it work, try starting by reading the docs.


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