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Sat Jan 6 01:44:13 CET 2007

On Thu 28 Dec 2006 23:02, Frank Cusack wrote:
> On December 29, 2006 2:07:09 AM +0530 Abhinay Sinha
> <sinhabhinay at>
> wrote:
> > 1. I need an open source library for client. I found radiusclient-ng.
> > Is it sufficient for work.
> Not sure why you are asking about non-freeradius software on a freeradius
> mailing list.

Actually. Alan and I have been discussing the lack of a good, clean, 
documented, open source radius client library for some time now.

I was planning to do an initial release an announcement some time ago but 
have been a bit busy, so here we go.

In late 2006 it was decided that the FreeRADIUS Project should adopt the 
latest code from radiusclient-ng cvs as the basis of a new FreeRADIUS client 
package. The intention is to roll some of the client functionality of the 
FreeRADIUS server into this separate client package and to make the 
FreeRADIUS suite a one stop shop for all people wishing to use and develop 
RADIUS related applications.

Please see for more information.

> > 2. Can anybody please help me find some better documentation for
> > working me with the library, i.e. details regarding its API, cause the
> > docs provided with the library are minimal?
> Not sure why you are asking about non-freeradius software on a freeradius
> mailing list.
> As to minimal docs, welcome to open source.

I have started to add documentation to:

As usually anyone is welcome to help out. It's a bit sparse I know, but its a 

> > 3. Can I get some sample code for client anywhere?
> See radclient and radtest source in the freeradius distribution.  Of
> course this won't help you with radiusclient-ng.

At present which one you use depends on how complex your radius app will be. 
In the near future you should not have to make a choice..



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