Need help

Abhinay Sinha sinhabhinay at
Wed Jan 17 09:38:46 CET 2007

Hi everybody and thanks for so big response for my thread.

Looks like I started a heated debate, but that was not my idea. I just
wanted to get my software working with any and all RADIUS servers.

Initially I developed a separate AAA module which did not confirm to
RADIUS protocol and was entirely written differently. The problem was
that I was not happy with the results and then I heard of RADIUS and
tried my hands on that. So it was true that I was not a user of any
RADIUS server beforehand as said in a post.

Thanks everybody for helping me in this. I guess I will write a module
for freeradius, GPL it, and will send it to the community for
inclusion if they like it.

I can then keep my NAS server closed. :)

Will it be OK then?


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