New dynamic IP pools module

Pawel Foremski pjf at
Fri Jan 26 23:13:18 CET 2007

Hi group,

Here is a new FreeRADIUS module which provides dynamic IP addresses. It uses 
some new approaches and IMHO has greater functionality in some areas than 
already existing solutions.

More information:

Source code (last test with v. 1.1.3):

  svn co

The code has been in production use since 2005, so I would consider it quite 

BTW, I would like to submit a new vendor-specific RADIUS dictionary to the 
FreeRADIUS project:

We, guys at ASN, develop a Linux distribution for network access servers - 
Lintrack [1] - and we use this dictionary for functionality implemented in 
our system.

I would like to thank the FreeRADIUS development team for their great work. 
It's one of the best coded servers implemented in C I've ever seen (at least 
the core ;-)). Stay tuned for our further contributions to the project (and 
hey, don't miss our FreeRADIUS web interface [2])!.



Pawel Foremski
pjf at

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