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Sun Jan 28 00:15:16 CET 2007

On Jan 27, 2007, at 5:14 AM, Peter Nixon wrote:

> On Thu 25 Jan 2007 22:34, Chris Parker wrote:
>> Following up my own email, after further digging, it appears that
>> this is
>> an MD5 related issue.
>> FreeRADIUS uses it's own MD5.c, based on public domain implementation
>> from OpenBSD.
>> Client uses an MD5.c that is from RSA.
>> I seem to recall there being issues with this in the past, which is
>> why FreeRADIUS
>> forces it's own MD5 to be used.
>> Is there any reason freeradius-client couldn't use the same MD5.c/h
>> at FreeRADIUS?
> OK. Well everyone has chimed in with an OK, so please go ahead and  
> commit it
> and update the ChangeLog

Done.  :)

> This may warrent a new client release as a broken md5  
> implimentation is not
> exactly usefull :-)

I'd like to contribute a new sample client which doesn't rely on  
reading from
an external file other than the dictionary first.  That should be  
fairly near
about as complete a release as we can make, and enable the client  
library to
be much more easily adapted to other projects.

After that, I'll tackle VSA support.

Thanks everyone!

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