possibly acceptable workaround for rlm_perl/dlopen problem on Debian

Enrik Berkhan enrik#freeradius at planb.de
Thu Jul 5 23:26:37 CEST 2007


after thinking over the libperl.so/dlopen problem with rlm_perl on 
Debian, I have found the following workaround:

Just dlopen(libperl.so, RTLD_LAZY|RTLD_GLOBAL) from rlm_perl again. This 
will have no effect but making the symbols globally visible since the 
library has been opened already during the load of rlm_perl.

- no change on other packages needed at the moment
- change stays local to rlm_perl
- no portability loss as rlm_perl already uses dlfcn.h / dlclose()

I have attached a proof-of-concept patch that is missing at least 
autotools integration and hardcodes the library name.

What do you think about this compromise?

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