2.0.0pre1 - Solaris

Chris Parker cparker at starnetusa.net
Tue Jul 10 22:05:07 CEST 2007

Finally getting around to testing our 2.0.0-pre1 on some systems.  Found
a few build problems.


rlm_perl fails miserably to link, so I had to remove that from stable.


Solaris sed doesn't accept '-i', so the command:

   sed -i 's/^#include <freeradius-devel/#include <freeradius/' $(R)$ 

fails during 'make install' in src/include.

This simple patch fixes that:

--- src/include/Makefile.orig   Tue Jul 10 14:49:47 2007
+++ src/include/Makefile        Tue Jul 10 14:51:46 2007
@@ -30,4 +30,6 @@
         $(INSTALL) -m 644 sha1.h $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius
         $(INSTALL) -m 644 token.h $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius
         $(INSTALL) -m 644 udpfromto.h $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius
-       sed -i 's/^#include <freeradius-devel/#include <freeradius/' $ 
+       sed 's/^#include <freeradius-devel/#include <freeradius/' $(R) 
$(includedir)/freeradius/libradius.h > $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius/ 
+       mv $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius/libradius.h.tmp $(R)$ 
+       chmod 644 $(R)$(includedir)/freeradius/libradius.h

I've tested this on both Solaris 9 and Centos 5, so it's more  
portable than
the -i version.

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