2.0.0pre1 - Solaris

Chris Parker cparker at starnetusa.net
Tue Jul 10 23:11:32 CEST 2007

On Jul 10, 2007, at 4:06 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Chris Parker wrote:
>> Finally getting around to testing our 2.0.0-pre1 on some systems.
>   Don't.  The CVS head has a lot more features, and a number of  
> bugs fixed.

Of course.  I'll have to install cvs on the box and pull that down.  :)

>> rlm_perl fails miserably to link, so I had to remove that from  
>> stable.
>   I believe I've fixed that.

It did work on the Centos box.

>> Solaris sed doesn't accept '-i', so the command:
>   Fixed.


I'll get latest CVS and keep poking.

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