SQL config file names

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Jul 19 18:23:38 CEST 2007

Peter Nixon wrote:
> The question is, is it best to do it this way with the database name first, 
> or should we put the database name last, just before the .conf. For 
> example "raddb/sql/counter-mysql.conf"
> What do you all think?

  Directories are cheap.

  sql/database/thingy.conf -> ../../templates/.....
  sql/thingy/database.conf -> ../../templates/...

  Soft links aren't always friendly (think editing), but they can be useful.

  I dislike having configuration files named "foo-bar".  If they're
really that separate, create a directory structure.  The schemas could
also go in there, too:


  (If that makes sense).

  As for which comes first, the database name or the target
functionality name, I don't know.  Maybe putting all of the Postgresql,
etc. files together would make more sense than putting all of the VOIP
files together...

  Alan DeKok.

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