SQL config file names

Hugh Messenger hugh at alaweb.com
Fri Jul 20 01:09:59 CEST 2007

> I like Alan's suggestion though..

Yup, me too.  But I would like to use the module name as the base name for
the file, wherever possible.

I also like Alan's suggestion of moving the schemas into the ./sql hierarchy
as well, makes more sense than keeping them tucked away in docs/examples.

I'm not wild about using symlinks, though.

So how about something like:


Etc etc.  And yes, I'm aware that currently the radippool table is defined
in the main foo.sql schema.  IMHO it should be in its own file, again named
after the module.

The above structure clearly shows which dialect it is, if it's a query
config or a schema, and which module it belongs to.

Also see my comment in a previous post about simplifying the top level
sql*.conf files by adding a 'db_dialect' config variable in radiusd.conf.

> Peter Nixon
> http://peternixon.net/

   -- hugh

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