rlm_sql_mysql - sql_finish_select_query - multiples results sets

Jean DERAM jderam at nordnet.fr
Mon Jul 23 09:47:08 CEST 2007

Nicolas Baradakis a écrit :
> Jean DERAM wrote:
>> I think sql_finish_select_query should be care if the result is a 
>> multiple result set.
>> I've made a patch for cvs version (joined in this mail).
>> [...]
> Thanks for the explanation. I now understand the code path that leads
> to the problem. In a select query all the results are to be fetched by
> sql_fetch_row(). However if there is nonsense in the database, we may
> stop fetching the rows before reaching the last result of a multiple
> results set.
> The problem with your patch is that it may call sql_store_result()
> twice on the same result. I've written a fix in the CVS, please
> run a "cvs up" and test again.
I've made a test with the latest cvs. All is working now!
Thanks for your work.

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