Releasing 1.1.7

Hugh Messenger hugh at
Mon Jul 23 17:34:03 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok said:
>   Has the MySQL patch been tested?  Is it needed?

I haven't had a chance to test stored procedures (right now I have no need
for any), but I'm running the latest and greatest from CVS live with no

I'd be happy to test a stored procedure right now, if anyone can suggest
something harmless I can do with one.

FYI, I may be speaking too soon, but it looks like 1.1.7 also fixes the
problem I had in 1.1.6 of not being able to run as a service.  I ran it with
valgrind for about 48 hours over the weekend, no errors.  In 1.1.6, it would
auger in within half a dozen requests.

>   Alan DeKok.

   -- hugh

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