rlm_sql, read_groups

Stephan Jaeger stephan.jaeger at ewetel.de
Fri Jul 27 10:26:21 CEST 2007


In revision 1.157 of "src/modules/rlm_sql/rlm_sql.c" the config variable
"read_groups" was removed, but is still documented in the example config
"raddb/sql.conf" and also used in rlm_authorize() (rlm_sql.c, line 958):

if (!inst->config->read_groups)
	dofallthrough = fallthrough(reply_tmp);

Was that by accident or did i again miss something? I really don't like
the idea to have half a million "Fall-Through = yes" entries in the
radcheck table ;)


Stephan Jaeger
Stephan Jaeger <stephan.jaeger at ewetel.de>
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