freeradius-client updates

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jun 22 07:49:39 CEST 2007

Chris Parker wrote:
> I've been making progress on the freeradius-client library.

  Looks good.  Could you also do "chmod -x *.c" in the CVS directory?
Having executable C files is... odd.  Many of the text files appear to
be executable, too...

> The CVS head now contains some additional config checks to help with  
> some portability.
> Changed some 'unsigned int/int' to 'size_t'.

  Some should probably ssize_t, too.  e.g. the return code from recvfrom().

  I'd suggest also changing UINT4 to uint32_t, etc.  It's 2007, C has
moved on from where it was in 1996. :)

> ...  There is still some problem with  
> 'gethostby_*'
> calls.  I created a wrapper for those, but when I define hosts by  
> name, instead
> of by address, I'm still seeing packets launch off into the  
> stratosphere instead
> of to the defined host(s).  This leads me to believe that there is  
> still some sort
> of problem in the 'send_server()' logic.  It works perfectly if the  
> code defines
> the servers via dotted-quad ( which is certainly far preferred ).

  I'd check hp->h_addrtype && hp->h_length in the code, to be sure it's
an IPv4 address.  Maybe also memcpy() hp->h_addr into a temporary
variable?  Though h_addr should be aligned...

> Unless there's any major problems that anyone sees, I think we're  
> ready to take
> another snapshot of CVS head and release an updated version.

  Sounds good to me.

  It's getting close to the point where we'll need to release the
dictionaries as a separate package, I think.

  Alan DeKok.

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