new rlm_module

MACHANI Ouahiba o.machani at
Thu Jun 28 17:34:50 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok a e'crit :
> MACHANI Ouahiba wrote:
>>   1- first I just add the module in modules section in radiusd.conf : 
>> nothing hapens when I execute the the radius daemon (no message 
>> indicating that the module is loaded). And when I send a request radius 
>> packet, the debug commands that I put in the authentication function is 
>> not executed/
>   Did you list the module in the authentication section?  If not, why do
> you expect the module to be called?

1 -  I added this in the authorize section in radiusd.conf (after 
installing) :

authorize {


#  -------- HOTP autheorize

	# As of 1.1.4, you should list "pap" last in this section.
	# See "man rlm_pap" for more information.

2 - and this, in the authentication section

authenticate {
	#  PAP authentication, when a back-end database listed
	#  in the 'authorize' section supplies a password.  The
	#  password can be clear-text, or encrypted.
	Auth-Type PAP {

	#---------------- HOTP authentication
	Auth-Type HOTP {



3 - i added "rlm_hotp" at the end of 
/freeradius-1.1.6/src/modules/stable file

4- I added also the folowing line in the dictinary.freeradius.internal 
file :

VALUE	Auth-Type			HOTP			2034

- But steel have no display of the comment i added in the authentication 
and authorisation section.

Can you please tell me what are all the necessary modifications to make 
  to do a new authentication module and make radius execuete it all 
cases and repond to the access request according to the result send by 
this module.

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