PAM Module Patch and Feature

David Mitchell mitchell at
Mon Mar 26 16:54:17 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Tomas Hoger wrote:
>> Is it single issue causing both reject_delay and proxy retry
>> scheduling problems?  Can you sched some light on details of the
>> problem?  Is any patch planned for 1.1.x?
>   Pretty much.  The server *should* have a concept of events, as in
> "when to do something".  Plus, it should have a concept of state, as in
> "the request is in state FOO".  Right now, it just brute-forces through
> all requests looking for something to do, and it does a bunch of awkward
> checks to try to figure out what state the request is in.
>   Both current methods are wrong.  I'm fixing both in the CVS head, but
> the patches will *not* go into 1.1.x.  They're just too invasive.

That's cool. Based on that, I will just find values which work well
enough for my purposes and not worry about digging too deeply into the
cause. Thanks,

-David Mitchell

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