Cleaning up the "realms"

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Mar 27 16:21:38 CEST 2007

Chris Parker wrote:
>>   However... as part of the changes, I think I've got to clean up the
>> handling of realms.  With a bit more work, I think I can make the
>> old-style "realms" configurations map to the new method when the  
>> server
>> starts up.
> That would be good.  :)

  Yeah... but it's work.  I'd rather not do it.

  It's probably a good idea, though.

> Hmm, the reason it's in the module/instance config now is that it made
> more sense to me to define the 'delimiter' as that's easier/faster to  
> search
> for.  If you define the delimiter in the realm/proxy.conf section,  
> how does the
> realm search logic work?

  Top to bottom in proxy.conf?

  But yes, you have a point.

> I could see a realm option added to define what type of realm each  
> should be.
> IE, you could then have a separate config for a prefix and suffix  
> realm of the
> same name ( as much as that might be confusing ).  It could also  
> reduce the scope
> of the number of realms that have to searched for a match.

  Sure.  I don't know that it's critical, though.  People have lived
without it for long enough that it's probably not a high priority.

  The other thing is how to fix the "ignore_null" and "ignore_default"
handling.  The code is pretty horrid right now, and I'd rather delete it
than maintain backwards compatibility.

  Alan DeKok.
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