Cleaning up the "realms"

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at
Wed Mar 28 09:38:35 CEST 2007

>   I'd also like to move the rlm_realm configs
> prefix/suffix &&
> "delimiter" to the individual "realms" section in
> proxy.conf, but that
> might break things.

If I understand, you would like to "merge" realm
detection (made in a module) with server proxy
My opinion is that it is not so interesting because
having a module setting a specific attribute
"Proxy-To-Realm" with the wanted value allows to proxy
request with criteria not only based on the User-Name.

For example, you can have one remote server FOO,
managing User-Name of the form:
foo/user at realm
user at foo
user at

And with FR 1_1, if a specific detection is required,
it can be implemented easily.

One can also think about proxying based on
Client-IP-Address (Yes it is possible, in our case, it
could be used), and using rlm_files module to do it.

Of course, is what I describe is still possible with
what you propose, I don't have any objection.
Else this would mean that FR 2_0 can do less than 1_1.

Best regards,


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