multiple users with different service flows

Cristian Novac cristian.novac at
Wed May 2 14:27:22 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I am Cristian NOVAC and I work to a Wimax project.
I have to perform some tests where I  need multiple users to 
authenticate, each of them having different service flows.
I mention that I use Service-Flow-Descriptor and QoS-Descriptor VS 
ATTRIBUTES (defined in a WiMAX FreeRadius Dictionary) to configure the 
user's service flows.
For now I have successfully run tests only if I've written these 
attributes into a DEFAULT reply of the "users" file. But this 
"technique" make all users having the same service flows. If I try to 
add the two attributes to a specific user's reply list of items(in users 
file) it doesn't work.(the attributes are not sent in Radius 
The same problem I encountered when I used the 
3GPP2-Service-Option-Profile VSA (from freeradius dictionary.3gpp2)  to 
set user's service flows.
I am using EAP-TTLS authentication method.

Could you please help, telling me what radius configurations to make, as 
you may have already encountered similar problems?

Cristian Novac.

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