Debug output changes

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu May 3 11:39:27 CEST 2007

  I've just committed some fixes to debugging output.  It now prints the
section names as it's parsing them:

  foo {
	bar = stuff

  Which is a lot cleaner than what was there before.  Also, the lines
with brackets are indented one space for every section nesting, which
makes it easier to track sections && subsections.

  The rest of the messages printed out during server initialization have
been normalized to a more standard form.

  The debug output for handling packets has changed.  There's less text
on the screen, which makes it easier to read (for the people who
actually read it.)  It also shows some limited nesting via "+".  After
some back and forth, I decided it was clearer to use "+" rather than
anything else.  e.g.

+- entering group authorize
++[foo] returns ok
++[bar] returns noop
+- group authorize returns ok

  The individual module debug output is still indented with spaces,
which makes it easier to tell the difference between server messages &&
module messages.

  All told, it's very different from 1.x, and I hope much easier to

  Alan DeKok.
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