HUP handling: a thought

Reimer Karlsen-Masur, DFN-CERT karlsen-masur at
Fri May 4 08:58:13 CEST 2007


Alan DeKok wrote:

>   To answer my first question.  People HUP the server to:
>   a) add/edit/delete a client/realm/home-server
>   b) re-read the "users" file
>   c) not much else.


I remember vaguely that HUPing was at least once used to re-read updated
CRLs and probably also re-reading the list/directory of trusted client-CA
certificates for all the EAP-(T)TLS/PEAP stuff.

I an email recently send to freeradius-users you recommended to simply
restart the daemon for this since HUPing does not work for this purpose anymore.

>   If we make the server support (a) without HUP, that will address a
> large part of my concerns.

Beste Gruesse / Kind Regards

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