HUP handling: a thought

Peter Nixon listuser at
Sun May 6 19:58:14 CEST 2007

On Sun 06 May 2007, Nicolas Baradakis wrote:
> Alan DeKok wrote:
> > Nicolas Baradakis wrote:
> > > I like when the things are simple: edit the config files with your
> > > favorite editor, and run a command to reload the server. (kill -HUP
> > > or something else)
> >
> >   It's nice, but can result in ~1s hiccups when everything gets
> > reloaded. [...]
> Indeed. At some point we need to make a tradeoff between a solution
> that is simple for the administrator but not very efficient, and
> a complex configuration mechanism that allow extensive control on
> a running server. (personally I tend to prefer the former solution)

I also tend to agree with you here. At the end the whole premise for high 
level languages like java, python, ruby etc is that while its a bit less 
efficient in terms of CPU time, the most valuable resource is infact the 
human one, and its worth wasting some CPU time to make the developer or 
admin's job easier...



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