HUP handling: a thought

Claudiu Filip claudiu at
Tue May 8 18:05:55 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok>   Maybe what's needed instead is a state manager.
Alan DeKok> It can be told about received packets, and can be queried
Alan DeKok> for duplicates.  Then, the main server can safely lose track of almost
Alan DeKok> all state on restart, as it could still query the state manager.

That is a good idea, but on most applications where a "state machine"
was critical, users solved the problem by using a database.

FR has the possibility to change those 1000 users without restarting
everything. We can easily grow from 1000 users to 1M users.
Imho, the next step is to have the possibility to change radius
clients on the fly. Not only VoIP carriers or access providers want to
manage/grow to 10k radius clients.

If IP addresses are not so easy to compare when (re)building large lists, why
not having a numeric ID for each client to seek faster the tree and
change the IP address, secret, name?..
This numeric ID can also be used for snmp requests and it will be
natural for users running a database backend with a "serial" field.

Claudiu FILIP
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