Anyone want complex conditions in radiusd.conf?

Alan Dekok aland at
Fri May 25 10:27:05 CEST 2007

Chris Mikkelson wrote:
> Yes, very.  It's very clean compared to the alternative
> of setting Autz-Type, etc. in a users file (our
> config uses that approach heavily, and it's somewhat
> ugly; this info really *should* be in the .conf
> file...).

  Yes.  I suspect that with another few hundred lines of code, 100% of
the "users" file functionality can go into radiusd.conf.  Whether that's
a good idea is another question.

> I think this is a worthwhile tradeoff, since the return code
> control flow is (at least partly) covered with the existing:
> 	foo { notfound=return }

  Mostly.  Not completely, but mostly.

  Still, I think it's worth doing.

  Alan DeKok.
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