Eivind Naess eivind.naess at
Tue Nov 6 20:07:46 CET 2007

Hi Freeradius users,

I have a question regarding the freeradius-client (1.1.5). There is an
example in that archive that shows you how to embed radius into your
application in 50 lines of code or so. This example does not seem to
be compiling at all, and thus the API for rc_config_init() and
rc_add_config() is absent from the freeradius-client.h.

Studying the lib/config.c the implementation is missing too, and the
only way that I can set the configuration options is by writing a temp
file with the options and have the library actually read the options
from there. If you are really thinking of embedding Radius into you
application you really want a different way such as rc_add_config
(handle, keyword, value).

Would anyone be interested in a patch for this?

- Eivind

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