[EAP-TTLS] I want to set freeradius server for EAP-TTLS.

JANG, CHULWOON cwjang at innowireless.co.kr
Thu Nov 8 01:42:09 CET 2007

Dear Freeradius-devel.



I completed the freeradius in radhat 9.

I try to interoperate between Freeradius and Mobile WiMAX system and so
need to set the EAP-TTLS authentication mechanism.


But I don’t know that set the EAP-TTLS using Freeradius.


Would you give me some material(manual or Howto)?


Best regards






T&M S/W 개발팀


Phone : 031-788-1675

Mobile : 016-390-7342

E-Mail :  <mailto:cwjang at innowireless.co.kr> cwjang at innowireless.co.kr



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