What the threading structure of Free Radius

Liangliang Guo liangliang.guo at ericsson.com
Sat Nov 17 16:19:59 CET 2007

Hi everyone:
I am going to deploy free radius on Sun T2000 Platform which has a 8
cores processor that support 32 threads context(4 each core, just as
there are 32 virtual CPUs).A single thread application underperforms on
this kind of platform.On this platform the performance of an application
can be increased linearly in line with the number of working threads
running in parallel. The throughput of an application can benefit from
scaling the worker thread.

-Free radius is a single thread or mutil-thread application?     
-So what is the threading model of freeradius, one query/one thread or
there are a fix amount of worker thread(e.g. as the same as the number
of CPU, configurable number of worker thread).
-Can I scale the worker threads from some configuration files?
Liangliang Guo

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