EAP SRP-SHA1 support

Stacy stacy at glb.net
Wed Nov 28 04:50:38 CET 2007

Hello all!

I've wrote an EAP SRP-SHA1 authentication module for freeradius-1.1.7
it needs three internal config attributes to get info 
from authorization module. Currently - they are 

#       Range:  1220-1222
#               EAP-SRP-SHA1 database interface
ATTRIBUTE       EAP-SRP-Generator-Idx                   1220    integer
ATTRIBUTE       EAP-SRP-Secret                          1221    octets
ATTRIBUTE       EAP-SRP-Salt                            1222    octets

(in dictionary freeradius.internal)

Would you please confirm this allocation or suggest another
range before I'll put the code for public access?

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