please document SQL-User-Name xlat option in sql-log module (1.1.7)

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Fri Nov 30 00:35:21 CET 2007

Stefan Winter wrote:

> rlm_sql_log has an option record
>         {"sql_user_name", PW_TYPE_STRING_PTR,
>          offsetof(rlm_sql_log_t,sql_user_name), NULL, ""},
> This is not documented in the config file. I tried to use %{SQL-User-Name}
> in my relay config, didn't know of this option's existence, so it was
> assumed to be NULL.

What is the problem then? If you don't set the option "sql_user_name"
rlm_sql_log doesn't create a "SQL-User-Name" pair. This is the same
as rlm_sql.

> The code then doesn't translate User-Name at all, and my variable subst 
> created INSERT strings with an empty user name. 

I'm not sure what you mean by that. rlm_sql_log expands %{User-Name} to
the username passed from the client, not an empty string.

> I suggest just copying the text from sql.conf, as the semantics seems to be 
> the same:
> [...]

Indeed it is the same as rlm_sql, therefore I'm not sure there is really
a need to duplicate the whole description.

I think adding one line with an example will be enough, so you can notice
its existence.

	sql_log {
		path = ${radacctdir}/sql-relay
		acct_table = "radacct"
		postauth_table = "radpostauth"
		sql_user_name = %{%{User-Name}:-DEFAULT}}

Nicolas Baradakis

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