What's left before 2.0, and what's not in CVS.

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Oct 9 10:49:04 CEST 2007

  What's left before 2.0 is released?  There has been little feedback
about the -pre releases (and -pre2 was unusable for some things I tried).

  What's not in CVS, and what I will commit shortly:

* removal of HUP support.  It doesn't work.

* move almost all logic to time/fd-based event loop (like libevent, but
simpler).  This means radiusd.c becomes tiny:
   while (do_events() == HUP) {
	// handle HUP

* framework for HUP support is in place.  Maybe we can start adding HUP
in 2.0.1, etc.

* virtual servers for pools of home servers.
  e.g. a pool can point to a virtual server, just like clients or
listeners.  The pre-proxy and post-proxy methods for a request are run
from that virtual server, rather than the ones in the "client" or
"listener" sections.  This means that auth/acct packets can be handled
by different pre/post proxy methods, which is nice.

* rename of "server_pool" to "home_server_pool", as there are too many
references to "server" everywhere.

* New xlat's: %{client:...} %{home_server:...}, and %{home_server_pool:...}
   The goal is to enable per-client/home server/whatever policies.  Put
"foo=bar" into a client, and you can do:
   if ("%{client:foo}" == "bar") {
  This enables policies to be per-client, without adding more
configuration files to the server.

  I think that's it.  The only thing I'd *like* to add is HUP support.
But realistically, there isn't time.  And it's WAY past time to release 2.0.


  Alan DeKok.

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