upgrade path for distributions

Hugh Messenger hugh at alaweb.com
Mon Sep 3 06:26:02 CEST 2007

Ala DeKok said:
> How is this handled for
> other packages?

[I'm kinda playing Devils Advocate here, with my BOFH hat on]

Well, if you do it the 'sendmail' way, you just put out the new version, let
it silently screw up everyone's installs, then shrug and say "Oooops".

And there is something to be said for that approach.  As a sendmail guru
said to me when I bitched about it, "that's why package managers have
exceptions lists."  So you can put your mission critical services on them,
and handle updates yourself, rather than expecting 'yum' or 'up2date' to do
your job for you.

If individual package maintainers wish to be a little more helpful, or have
contractual obligations to provide backward compatibility, they have the
option to provide a separate v2 package.  But other than maybe moving v2
into /etc/freeradius and changing the binary name, that's not really your

So my $0.02 is to look at this as an opportunity to drag everyone kicking
and screaming into the Brave New World of FR2/unlang, and not lose any sleep
over it.  Cut people too much slack, and we'll still be dealing with 1.0.3
in another 5 years.

Just remind me to be on vacation the week it hits the streets.  ;)

>   Alan DeKok.

   -- hugh

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