crash at [event.c:969] Failed to insert event

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Apr 8 19:10:21 CEST 2008

Stefan Winter wrote:
> when I was playing with attrs.pre-proxy, at first I only added EAP-Message to 
> the list, but not State. In the result, when an answre froma  proxy came 
> back, the above error message occured and the server exited (with -X). 
> Version is 2.0.3. Full debug of the packet in question:
> Rejecting request 2 due to lack of any response from home server 
> port 1812

  That seems to be the common cause of this issue.

> [event.c:969] Failed to insert event


> I could reproduce this several times by proxying EAP and filtering State. It's 
> okay if stuff doesn't work in that case, but crashing is not so good.

  Yes.  The crash is because a catastrophic failure happened, and it's
likely better to die than to do the wrong thing.

  In any case... I've committed a work-around to CVS.  I have *no* idea
why it's happening, though.  The code in question does:

	assert(request->next_callback != NULL);
	callback = request->next_callback;
	assert(callback != NULL);

  And the second assertion triggers.  This isn't *exactly* what the code
does, but is pretty close.

  As a result, I'm at a complete loss for why the *first* assertion
doesn't trigger, but the *second* one does.

  Alan DeKok.

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