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Mike Stroyan mike.stroyan at
Thu Aug 28 17:23:25 CEST 2008

  I am not sure if this is the right forum for contributing config file 
information.  If it isn't, I would appreciate a pointer to a more correct

  I have a couple more attributes that should be in share/dictionary.hp.
These are used by several of the switches that fit in HP BladeSystems.
They are privilege levels similar to ones in dictionary.alteon.  But they
are values for "Service-Type" rather than a vendor-specific attribute.

An example use in a "users" file would look like-
Admin1  Cleartext-Password := "secret"
        Service-Type = Administrative-User

Oper1   Cleartext-Password := "secret"
        Service-Type = HP-Oper

User1   Cleartext-Password := "secret"
        Service-Type = HP-User

Here is a diff from the current git head-

diff --git a/share/dictionary.hp b/share/dictionary.hp
index c8b178a..ab466d6 100644
--- a/share/dictionary.hp
+++ b/share/dictionary.hp
@@ -51,4 +51,8 @@ VALUE	HP-Management-Protocol		HTTPS			6
 #VALUE	HP-Management-Role		SystemAdministrator	18
 #VALUE	HP-Management-Role		WebUserAdminstrator	19
+# privilege attributes for HP-GbE2c, HP 1:10Gb, and HP 10Gb Ethernet Blade Switches
+VALUE	Service-Type			HP-Oper			252
+VALUE	Service-Type			HP-User			255

Mike Stroyan, mike.stroyan at

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