I think we're good to go for tomorrow.

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Thu Jan 10 00:42:22 CET 2008

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   Alan Buxey ran into an issue with an infinite loop when a home server
> was marked down.  I've just tracked it down and committed a fix.
>   I've also run the server through valgrind, and corrected one or two
> other memory leaks on exit.  They're not critical, but it's useful to fix.

I've rebuild a package from a 5-minutes-ago CVS checkout and it builds,
installs and runs out of the box on Debian. Although I've done only very
basic tests (sorry) I don't see any reason to wait longer. From my side
everything looks ok.

Nicolas Baradakis

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