How to add new elements in database (fa-2.0.5)

Lidan Hu fox.hld at
Wed Jul 9 15:07:53 CEST 2008

I'm working on a master thesis in KTH in Sweden.

In normal way, the radius server will receive the EAP package, and check the
user name and password. If it's authenticated, and return something, such as
a 1 to open service, or 0 to reject request.

My task is, create two elements in database (we use mysql in opensuse). One
is max bandwidth, other one is current bandwidth (or request bandwidth).
And we add one data, request bandwidth, in EAP package. And in the
programme, we gonna do,
1, receive EAP, and get request bandwidth.
2, compare it with max bandwidth, if large, then goto 4.
3, return this request bandwidth. then goto 5.
4, return some error.
5, finish, and loop to 1

And for the max bandwidth in the database, we need to create it at the first
time when the program runs.

Do you have any suggestion for me about which files I should focus on?

Thanks a lot!

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