log virtual server (patch)

Michael Bretterklieber mbretterklieber at upcbroadband.com
Mon Jun 23 09:30:40 CEST 2008


Alan DeKok wrote:
> Michael Bretterklieber wrote:
>> I attached a patch which appends the name of the virtual-server to the
>> auth-logging entries.
>> Any chance to get this commited?
>   I'd prefer to make the log string completely flexible, and read in
> from the configuration files.  That would eliminate the need for further
> source code patches in this area.
sounds reasonable.

could you give me please some hints?
should this string be something like:
'%{User-Name} %{Server-Name}', using xlat?
Inside which section of the configfile should it reside, the log {} section?
log {
    log_auth_format = '%{User-Name} %{Server-Name} ...';


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