checkrad not called after upgrade to 2.x and virtual servers.

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Wed Jun 25 02:45:54 CEST 2008


I have a fairly standard implementation other than a custom checkrad 
script and virtual servers.  Today when debugging some simultaneous use 
issues I discovered that radiusd isn't calling checkrad and is logging 
this when I run in debug mode:

checkrad: Unknown NAS x.x.x.x, not checking

Because radius thinks it doesn't know about the nas it doesn't bother 
calling checkrad, however the nas is defined in the clients.conf:

client x.x.x.x {
         secret          = <secret>
         shortname       = x.x.x.x
         password        = <snmp ro key>
         nastype         = cisco_snmp
         virtual_server  = dsl

I couldn't find anything in the documentation that refers to a change in 
checkrad behavior when dealing with virtual servers, so I'm assuming 
that if the client is defined and the dsl virtual server can find it and 
authenticate customers against it then shouldn't the client.c code also 
find it and pass session and username to checkrad?


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