checkrad not called after upgrade to 2.x and virtual servers.

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Mon Jun 30 22:15:19 CEST 2008

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>> Any thoughts on a workaround?  I defined my nas a second time without
>> the virtual server context and I get this in my debug:
>> Failed to add duplicate client x.x.x.x
>> /etc/freeradius/raddb/clients.conf[303]: Failed to add client x.x.x.x
>   That message occurs when you have two definitions for the same client.
>> At this point I'm not sure how to get this working since it doesn't
>> recognize the client when defined with a virtual server, nor will it
>> allow me to define a second client in the global context.
>   It *should* find the first, globally defined, client.  I don't know
> why it wouldn't...

Can I put this in bugzilla?  Seems like simultaneous use is completely 
broken in 2.x which is a fairly significant feature.

Also, I have some code I can contribute if the project wants, it's a 
checkrad daemon that accepts connections from a small checkradc client 
written in c.  Because is always running the overhead to do 
an snmp lookup is significantly reduced.  What would be even better is 
if radiusd directly connected to which would eliminate the 
need for the small client.  This code has been in prod for a very long 
time and is stable.


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