Automatic report from sources (radiusd) between 05.03.2008 - 06.03.2008 GMT

Arran Cudbard-Bell A.Cudbard-Bell at
Thu Mar 6 10:36:12 CET 2008

> 	Use correct key (ca.key, not server.key)
> 	Add in v3 extensions to make it work on Nokia e51, e60, Mobile
> 	Windows Clients, Symbian devices.  This closes bug #524
> Modified files:
> 	File: radiusd/raddb/certs/ca.cnf; Revision: 1.2;
> 	Date: 2008/03/05 09:54:11; Author: aland; Lines:  (+8 -2)

Have you got any detailed information about this? I've being trying 
fruitlessly to get my WM 2003 PDA to authenticate...

Haven't really had time to get any sniffing done to see what the problem 
might be, but these V3 extensions don't appear to be present in our 
Thawte certificates.


+basicConstraints = CA:true

Really necessary, doesn't that mean the certificate can be used to sign 
additional certificates if the private key is available ?

Many Thanks,

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