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could i ask for the contents of doc/Changes to be sync'd
online - eg

FreeRADIUS 1.1.7 ; $Date: 2007/07/13 09:39:11 $, urgency = medium
        Feature improvements
        * Updated LDAP documentation
        * Added note on DH parameters in eap.conf, and debugging messages
          which complain if DH is used, but not configured properly.
        * Updated the Mikrotik dictionary.  Added a note that the sample
          dictionary they supply is broken.
        * Output more information on blocked threads, which should help
          narrow down which modules is causing the problem.
        * Added more eDirectory support.
        * rlm_ldap now prints out attributes in the standard format
        * Enabled server-side handling of procedures in MySQL

        Bug fixes
        * Added NT-Hash support for mschap_xlat
        * Corrected documentation to point to correct location of files
        * Checks for more recent FreeBSD versions
        * use -DLDAP_DEPRECATED to avoid OpenLDAP crashes
        * Use correct value for authentication name in rlm_mschap
        * Fix over-ride for usernames when use_tunneled_reply = yes

added to ?



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