FreeRADIUS Server Version 2.0.3 has been released

Alan T DeKok aland at
Mon Mar 17 11:14:37 CET 2008

  There are a number of bug fixes, and a few small feature improvements.

FreeRADIUS 2.0.3 ; $Date: 2008/03/14 08:44:24 $ , urgency=medium
    Feature improvements
    * Updated raddb/certs/ca.cnf with extensions to allow ca.der
      to be imported as a CA on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
      Closes bug #524
    * Enable multiple matches in "hints" via Fall-Through = Yes.
      Closes bug #477
    * Added preliminary SQLite driver, contibuted by Apple.
      Untested, with no sample configuration.  This address bug #470.
    * Updated logging sub-system so that log messages from libfreeradius
      can go to the log file, and not stdout.
    * Added dictionary.rfc5176
    * EAP module now checks for instance name, and uses that for
      authentication.  This avoids the need to set Auth-Type when
      there are multiple instances of the EAP module.
    * Added Module-Return-Code attribute, which contains the value
      returned by the previous module (ok/fail/update/etc.)

    Bug fixes
    * Corrected typos in rlm_dbm.  Closes bugs #521 and #522.
    * Detail file "listen" sections now work much better.
    * Don't allow old "log_*" to over-ride new format.  Closes bug #525
    * Initialize allocated memory in Oracle SQL driver.  This fixes
      occasional crashes on some systems.  Closes bug #518
    * Call correct function in rlm_protocol_filter.  This enables the
      module to build.  Closes bug #512.
    * Added deprecated flag to build for rlm_krb5.  This allows it to
      run on 64-bit systems.  Closes bug #491
    * Corrected error message when parsing invalid configurations
      so it doesn't crash.  Closes bug #527
    * Fix handling of timeouts in rlm_ldap that affected 64-bit systems.
    * Handle $INCLUDE's in "instantiate" section.  Closes #528.
    * Format updates to "man" pages from Stephen Gran.

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