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Peter Nixon listuser at
Mon Nov 3 15:43:12 CET 2008

On Mon 03 Nov 2008, Stefan Winter wrote:
> Hi,
> aparently (but not has an IPv6 address:
> swinter at aragorn:~> host
> has address
> has address
> has IPv6 address 2a01:e0b:1:76:21c:c0ff:fe27:7b54
> mail is handled by 10
> swinter at aragorn:~>
> The address is pingable, but the web server doesn't deliver any content
> (no reply). This looks like a daemon binding only to IPv4:80, not the
> IPv6:80 address...
> Stefan Winter is my server but it doesn't have IPv6. I guess Alan is playing 
with it :-)


Peter Nixon

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