Anatoly S. Zimin anatolyz at team.co.ru
Wed Nov 19 14:23:11 CET 2008

Hello everybody!
I am using rlm_perl for checking Simultaneous-Use.
But this not work... :-(
FreeRadius 2.1.1
session {
I see, that module is work. But if I return RLM_MODULE_REJECT the user is not REJECTED!!!
What I do wrong?
In debug mode (radiusd -X):

Found Auth-Type = PAP
+- entering group PAP {...}
[pap] login attempt with password "**************"
[pap] Using CRYPT encryption.
[pap] User authenticated successfully
++[pap] returns ok
+- entering group session {...}
Using perl at 0xa6b40
rlm_perl: RLM_PERL => sub checksimul
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Service-Type = Framed-User
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Framed-Protocol = PPP
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: User-Name = s_1295737
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: User-Password = ****************** 
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Realm = DEFAULT
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Port = 0
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-IP-Address = 
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Port-Id = 0/0/1/500
rlm_perl: RAD_REPLY: Framed-Protocol = PPP
rlm_perl: RAD_REPLY: Session-Timeout = 90000
rlm_perl: RAD_REPLY: Service-Type = Framed-User
rlm_perl: RAD_CONFIG: Crypt-Password = ***************** 
rlm_perl: RAD_CONFIG: Simultaneous-Use = 1
rlm_perl: RAD_CONFIG: Auth-Type = PAP
rlm_perl: RAD_CHECK: Crypt-Password = **************** 
rlm_perl: RAD_CHECK: Simultaneous-Use = 1
rlm_perl: RAD_CHECK: Auth-Type = PAP
rlm_perl: CHECK: send [s_1295737] to [] is ok
rlm_perl: CHECK: Multiple logins (hits 3) (max 1) : [s_1295737] (from client port 0)
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
rlm_perl: Added pair Service-Type = Framed-User
rlm_perl: Added pair Framed-Protocol = PPP
rlm_perl: Added pair User-Name = s_1295737
rlm_perl: Added pair User-Password = **************** 
rlm_perl: Added pair Realm = DEFAULT
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Port = 0
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-IP-Address = 
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Port-Id = 0/0/1/500
rlm_perl: Added pair Framed-Protocol = PPP
rlm_perl: Added pair Session-Timeout = 90000
rlm_perl: Added pair Service-Type = Framed-User
rlm_perl: Added pair Crypt-Password = *************** 
rlm_perl: Added pair Simultaneous-Use = 1
rlm_perl: Added pair Auth-Type = PAP
++[perl] returns reject
Login OK: [s_1295737] (from client cisco1 port 0)

Also I attempted:

and response still "Login OK: [s_1295737] (from client cisco1 port 0)"....
P.S. authorize section work very good.

Thanks a lot!

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